City Walls Medical centre, 19 years of service

Paulines leaving do……

After 19 years of loyal service to City Walls Medical Centre, a leading medical centre in the heart of Chester, Pauline is finally hanging up her piny and taking a well deserved rest.

Pauline who is employed by the centre but has been under the supervision of Spick and Span for several years, well every since we took the contract for them. She is a very reliable worker and despite being profoundly deaf worked as part of the team of three.

Tomorrow will be her last day at the practice but today was for her.  She came back after finishing her morning shift thinking she was to come and sign some papers. Much to her surprise and delight staff had put on a small spread and adorned the staff room with banners declaring “sorry to see you leave”.

End of an era in one sense but it is also the start of a new adventure for her and her husband as they learnt yesterday they are moving across town in to a new home.

We wish her all the best and would also like to welcome on to the team Anne who already works for us at and the Duke’s office at Eccleston.

Pauline, doctors and support staff at the practice and Jennie from spick and Span.


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