GP surgeries get clean bill of health

GP surgeries in Chester are Praised by Government watchdog.

All of Chesters GP medical centre fared well under the Care Quality commission (CQC) new patient-friendly comparision tool.

Chief Executive Officer West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Chief Executive Officer
West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Alison Lee, shown left is the Chief Executive Officer of NHS West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which oversees the GP services said “we welcome the Care Quality Commission’s transparent new approach to inspecting and rating GP practices.

“The results demonstrate the good and the outstanding care being provided by the 36 GP practices we commission services for across Chester City, Ellesmere Port and newton and rural areas of West Chester as well as our commitment to keeping patient experience, safety and effectiveness at the heart of everything we do.”

All the 14 city surgeries nine were placed in band 6 which is the lowest achieved for concern and the remaining five had insufficient data to make the results. There was a further 22 in the Ellesmere Port and Neston and rural areas.

Spick and Span Cleaning Services are very proud to be associated with the success of the report.  We provide the cleaning care for City Walls Medical Centre, Saughall Medical Centre, West Avenue and Garden Lane Medical Centre and Westminster Medical Centre, Ellesmere Port.

You can look at the results, although I don’t think they’ve all been posted yet at and search for the surgeries you’re interested in.

I’ve also been reading the blog published by Alison.  She has a very down to earth personality and keeps the patients needs in the centre of her vision while at the same time achieving some quite extraordinary results in the delivery of care.  Well done Alison I believe you provide a safe pair of hands for us all.  I particularly like your piece on people power and it showed how open and adaptable your thinking is. I’m sure Alison want mind me quoting her:

People power: I attended a meeting of the patient participation group (PPG) chairs which again talked about patient experience of primary care. One of the patients introduced himself as the chair of his practice (rather than of the PPG). It got me thinking about what a fascinating step that would be to have a patient partner in GP practices fully involved in decision making. Hospitals, mental health and community services already have governors, lay members etc. Maybe items already happening somewhere?

You can read Alison’s blogs at


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