Office Cleaning In Chester For Crest Plus Operations

Esther-Crest-PlusInterview with our client, Esther HR Manager For Crest Plus Operations

Spick and Span Cleaners, Egidija and Lukasz, have cleaned the Chester office of Crest Plus Operations since 2003.

Crest Plus Operations was established in 1999, and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of contract services through recruitment agencies in the UK. They service a wide range of clients drawn from specific market sectors.

HR Manager at Crest Plus for four years, Esther, explains that their employees are encouraged to help realise the company’s vision of growth and profit whilst enjoying personal development. All individuals feel valued and work in a relaxed atmosphere.

With a lot of recent regulatory changes, staff do a very pressurised job, but they enjoy regular social events and within the office they are given freedom to have a laugh and enjoy some fun.

A number of employees were cycling to work and few started to run in. The company responded and have now installed a very swish shower room, which it is a pleasure for us to keep looking it’s best. Since then a lunch running group has formed and staggered lunches allow them all to get showered.

We asked Esther why Crest Plus chose Spick and Span…
“We liked the rapport and the professional approach that Jennie from Spick and Span takes. She was willing to offer advice and gave plenty of suggestions about the cleaning we needed for our offices.”

Despite approaches from other cleaning companies in Chester, why do Crest choose to stay with us?
“It’s because we feel we are all part of a team; from the cleaners to manager Karen, book-keeper Mary and owners Jennie and Ian. There is free-flowing communication and it’s a two way process with messages and requests being dealt with efficiently and quickly. The cleaners don’t just turn and slink around unnoticed but they interact and get involved with staff.”

What sets Spick and Span apart from other Chester cleaning companies?
“You are not faceless and there is an open door to discuss any aspect of the office cleaning. We have no complaints, which is a strong factor, and the quality of work an attention to detail is faultless.”

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